Looking back on all the memorable Instagram travel moments with my new blog series. I’m hoping to inspire you to plan your next trip emojis and all!  Let me know below or post a link with your top Instagram travel moments. Follow my Instagram travel adventures including Instagram stories ? KEIRALEXA and Snapchat ? KeirAlexa


Traveling the world is very fulfilling, but it can be hectic when it’s a last-minute trip and you have to pack fast. My #1 tip is to always make a short “Must-Have Items” list before packing. Here are my top 10 products to throw in your carry-on for a smooth trip. Let me know in the comments below what are your must-have products to throw in your carry-on. TRAVEL TIPS

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Blood Sacrifice in Sumba

This blog post might not be for everyone. It discusses real animal sacrifices that are still happening in another part of the world. But for those who want to learn about the ancient traditions of Sumba, an island located in Eastern Indonesia, this post is for you. Sumba Island is the only island of Indonesia where a majority of the population still practices the same traditional beliefs and rituals as

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Checking In: The Selman Marrakech Hotel

Just ten minutes outside of the medina’s walls, the Selman is the perfect spot for some calming privacy amongst the Marrakech chaos. With private riads (traditional Moroccan homes), an 80 meter long pool, sexy dining options and sixteen gorgeous Arabian thoroughbreds roaming the premises, the Selman Marrakech Hotel adds up to one magical getaway. ALL ABOUT THE SELMAN The Selman opened its doors in 2012 (a baby in comparison to

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      Greece has 227 inhabited islands for a perfect wanderlust getaway. Santorini is as magical as it looks. Yes, your Instagram pictures will be breathtaking! From infinity pools to stunning one-of-a-kind views! Make your packing list light and simple, with white on white looks, off-the-shoulder tops, swimwear that doubles as tops, and tons of stripes. This season’s trends are all about bodysuits, off-the-shoulder tops, and ruffles. Below are

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Duality in Motion: Riding the Harim Bingham Train

Machu Picchu is a really special place. It was rediscovered by Harim Bingham with the help of local farmers. The Quechua citadel was revealed in 1911. The best way to travel to and from Machu Picchu is by train. Keep in mind we planned ahead, and I’d recommend that you do the same. This area is pretty secluded, a secret gem of the Andes and about 50 miles from Cuzco. Enjoy

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