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Baseling in Miami

I love Miami because it’s a wild, crazy place where anything can happen.  And that’s especially true when Art Basel comes to town! It’s a huge art expo that draws 75,000 people in a year.  There are large art displays in public parks, performance art, and gallery installations all over the place.  You can see high end art pieces at the Convention Center or cool street art in Wynwood that will blow

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Free Fallin: 8 Minutes in Zero Gravity

Have you ever wondered how movies that take place in outer space, like the classic Apollo 13, are filmed? How do they simulate floating around on zero gravity? And be honest, you’ve always wanted to see what feeling weightless is like, but you didn’t really want to go through the 10 years of astronaut training. Well, good news! The G-Force-One is the first commercial plane that offers passengers the ultimate

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South Africa Meets South Beach

Three years ago my boyfriend, Bob, decided that he wanted to build a house in Miami, which is whole new kind of adventure for him. He asked for my help so I did a bunch of research, looking for the best architect for the project. My standards for this search were pretty high, and I scoured the web (and the world) to find the right fit. Luckily, I found SAOTA,

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