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      Greece has 227 inhabited islands for a perfect wanderlust getaway. Santorini is as magical as it looks. Yes, your Instagram pictures will be breathtaking! From infinity pools to stunning one-of-a-kind views! Make your packing list light and simple, with white on white looks, off-the-shoulder tops, swimwear that doubles as tops, and tons of stripes. This season’s trends are all about bodysuits, off-the-shoulder tops, and ruffles. Below are

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Santorini Getaway

In Santorini, the sea is all aquamarine and the traditional Greek architecture is all white stone, but the sunsets are every color you could imagine. Birthed from a volcano millions of years ago, the Greek island of Santorini floats in the southern tip of the Aegean Sea. Volcanic activity has left the majestic island with black and red sand beaches and a mountainous terrain.  The terrain adds so much romance

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