Sabers, Vodka & Nitrogen, A Winning Combination at Bearfoot Bistro

Bearfoot Bistro was the most fun I’ve ever had in a restaurant hands down! I planned a special surprise dinner for my boyfriend in Whistler, Canada. I can’t even pick out just one thing that made the evening. The vodka tasting room, champagne bottles sabered by yours truly, the nitrogen ice cream made right there at the table, the whole evening was full of amazing experiences.


We started out the evening with the freshest oysters and some cocktails. They were delicious! I’m a very visual person and the oysters were just so clean and glossy, and salted perfectly by the sea. We also had their caviar sampling. Which was just as delicious.


While we waited for the next course, we got a tour of the vodka tasting room. The Belvedere Ice Room was one feature that is truly unique. It may be trendy to have a vodka tasting room in other restaurants, but this particular one claims to the “world’s coldest”. I believe it! The walls were back lit making this blue aura in the space, adding to the look to the room. Like an igloo, but filled with vodka. Which is pretty much the only way I’ll get into a cold room like that ever again.


Once we returned to the table we were pleasantly buzzed. I received a shaved vegetable and truffle plate with a smooth cream sauce. The colors of this dish were so attractive. My mouth was watering before I even got a fork to the plate. I chose the vegetarian option for my main course. So tasty! When it came to the table, again my eyes were amazed. It was so artfully put together, with orange and green contrasting colors and textures.


I just loved how the space of the restaurant carried the theme of contemporary design over throughout the whole experience. From the food served to us to the art on the walls and the architectural design.


The wine pairings were just perfection. They have a wine cellar that is stocked floor to ceiling with over 20,000 the best wine choices. The sommelier gave us the grand tour through this labyrinth.


And to ensure our good luck, we sabered a couple of champagne bottles. This is an old tradition dating back to the days of Napoleon. It’s great! You pick the bottle and they show you how to do it safely. Then when you’re ready you get to play pirate. I’ll never forget it, especially since I got a gift boxed cork from my bottle to prove it!


Another thing about the Bearfoot bistro is that it holds a Guinness World Records Certificate. On the wall a plaque commemorates the feat Andre Saint Jaques accomplished, sabering 21 champagne bottles in a single minute here. Super cool!


For dessert, we tried their signature nitro ice cream, prepared table side. The waiter created this cloud by combining a vanilla liquid mixture with nitrogen liquid, which caused a really dramatic effect. Smoke and gas emerged from the bowl and after a few minutes of mixing voila! Ice cream appeared, like magic!


We had an amazing time here. Wherever you are in the world, the Bearfoot Bistro is a restaurant you cannot miss.

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