My Ibiza Essentials

Ibiza clubbing season is in full throttle right now! Every year, it kicks off the beginning of May and ends in late September. I landed here on Wednesday saying I was going to take it easy but ended up dancing the night away in through four different clubs. We started off the night by having some delicious, fresh sushi at the popular hotel where we are staying at called the Ibiza Gran. Afterwards, we went to Ushuaia beach club, Pacha, Paris Hilton’s Foam and Diamonds Party, and to top of the night we ended up at DC10. Ibiza is a non stop, won’t stop, party town full of the best house beats any city has to offer! During my epic adventure here, there are a few key essentials that keep me going! If you are going to Ibiza, I highly recommend that you come prepared!
Overall, Ibiza is rather laid back so you can pretty much dress however you like. During the day you can wear a bikini with a cover-up or short works great. At night, if you plan on going to dinner then I would suggest getting a little more dressed up with a nice dress and heels. When you hit the clubs, definitely, take off your heels and put on comfortable tennis shoes.
Some of my Ibiza essentials include:

1. Small purse-something that can go over your shoulder so you can keep it on you while you are dancing.

2. Pocket camera-easy to bring anywhere and can fit inside your small purse. My two favorites are the Canon G16 and Sony RX100.

3. Sunglasses- perfect for day parties or even to wear at the night clubs (Ibiza may be the only place it is okay/cool to wear your sunglasses at night.)

4. Hand Sanitizer- keeps your hands clean.

5. Jing Herbs Restore the Liver supplements- cleanses the liver from drinking alcohol.

6. Chloroxygen- helps build red blood cells as well as staying hydrated.

7. Magnesium- great to take at night to ensure a restful sleep.

8. Ultima Replenisher- an electrolyte powder that helps replenish missing electrolytes.

9. Bathing suit- must need for laying out by the pool, day parties, or taking a boat trip to Formentera for lunch.

10. Converse- comfortable to dance the night away in. If you look at the photo you can see that my Converse are trashed. Wearing tennis shoes is a great way to protect your feet while you are on the dance floor.

11. Dr Schulze’s Cold & Flu Shot- the best herbal formula to avoid getting sick while still partying like a rock star.

12. Zpack – if all else fails, have a Zpack handy and ready to go.

Another great item to bring are hand fans. It can get really hot during the day as well as in the clubs so a hand fan definitely helps cool you down. I also recommend getting IV fluids from VITASQUAD. “Vitasquad is a mobile service that uses intravenous nutritional therapy to deliver vitamins directly into the bloodstream.” It is amazing and helps keep your body healthy and hydrated.

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