Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Renaissance Festival hath gone forth from our realm, and it was a triumph of Awesome!

Walking through the gates of Renaissance Faire you feel as if you are transported back in time. I was greeted by a group of costumed actors shouting out “Good Morrow!” I even had one guy dressed up in a viking costume (who was obviously heavily intoxicated)  shout out, “Thine legs are lovely!”  There’s really only one rule at RenFaire: Most things are fine as long as you keep in character!


Whenever I walk into the faire, I head straight to the food booths! Feasting on food is probably my favorite reason for attending. This is definitely not the place to be healthy… The most popular is the turkey leg but my all time favorite must-eats are: the shepherds pie, macaroni & cheese, gyros, crepes, cheese balls, artichokes and italian ice.  Eat, drink, and be merry is the order of the day.


Attractions are a-plenty for you goodly folk!. They have live jousting tournaments, camel rides, pub crawls, cross bows, throwing axes, musical acts, comedic skits, mazes, giant swings, hair braiding, henna tattoos, animals, turtle races, and most importantly…shopping.


The shopping is the best! They have tons of hand crafted goods including artwork, clothing, jewelry, perfumes, etc.


I went to a huge booth called Hearts Delight, a clothiers shop owned by my grandma’s best friend. They dressed me up in two of their finest costumes!

If you are looking for a cool and unique costume check them out —http://www.heartsdelightclothiers.com/


Kids are welcome but if you are an ultra conservative parent you might want to be aware that your kid will be exposed to things that they definitely wouldn’t see at Disneyland. They will be witnessing the shenanigans of drunkards, seeing lots and lots of breasts, and hearing raunchy sexual innuendoes.




Quick Tips: 

  • Go in with an open mind- things may get weird.
  • Get there early in the morn, to avoideth crowds.
  • Bring lots of cash! Some booths accept credit cards but mostly its all cash, or your finest gold coins.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty – yes…you will be walking on dirt all day.
  • Sunscreen- It can be blistering hot, and RenFaire is not some quick one-hour visit.
  • Bring your camera. This is a people-watching goldmine.
  • Costumes are not mandatory but its fun to participate and get dressed up.
  • Designated driver—There is tons and tons of beer and wine.


My mom looking fabulous as Robin Hood 

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