Fly Away: 8 Travel & Beauty Tips

I often have long commutes and flying can take a serious toll on one’s body and mind. Follow my simple beauty tips here! It’s important to take care of our selves while traveling.

The Face

I usually don’t wear makeup on long flights. But if you feel naked without it, make sure to wash your face really well and moisturize before applying any makeup. If you’re already on the plane and need to put your face on in a hurry, take a small amount of your foundation and use a beauty blender to apply all over your face. Then, I use bareMinerals powder which gives the skin a natural glow while feeling as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. Put on a lightly tinted lip balm, and that’s it! If you want to wear mascara throughout your trip just make sure it’s waterproof and flexible. I also recommend getting professional eyelash extensions for longer trips. I tried them for my summer trip to Europe and I am hooked!


You want to be comfortable on a long flight. My typical airport outfit is black stretch pants, a cotton t-shirt and a comfy sweatshirt. I used to always wear converse while traveling but now I love to wear slip on shoes which makes it much easier to take off when going through airport security.

Drink Water

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the flight. The stress of traveling such long distances plus the air quality in the cabin can take a toll on your body. Drinking water also keeps your skin fresh and your eyes bright. For extra hydration, I will use Chloroxygen in my water. This helps build red blood cells and combat dehydration.

Eat Light and Often

Resist the urge to eat heavy meals on a long flight. To combat hunger, pick up some pre-packaged sealed snacks if your airline permits. Simple foods like dried fruit, nuts, and those yummy dehydrated veggies are really good. I find rice chips are a nice addition, they are filling and good for you. Plus you don’t get the bloat like you would from soda or cheesy foods that are popular. If I do not have time to hit the grocery store before the trip, I will eat the on flight food. Try to request a lighter meal, if there is a vegetarian or gluten-free option — take it.

Center and Distress

I practice transcendental meditation while flying. I use a mediation app on my phone. Meditation helps reduce stress both in the mind and in the body. I use the time to reflect on my trip, what is to come, and things I look forward too. After 20 minutes, I feel like I am centered and relaxed. Everyone is different, so take it as you can.

Also, meditation helps me sleep which definitely helps combat looking haggard when you get off a long flight. If I do not sleep on a long flight, I end up feeling sick.

Favorite Products

Find products that will revitalize your skin and give you an energy boost. My favorite hydrating spray is Heritage Rosewater. I spray it on my face throughout the day while traveling. It is also a great body spray to use. It has a fresh scent and it helps return nourishing properties to your skin.

Fresh Breath Always

Fresh breath is important, especially since you are in close quarters with strangers. I always travel with a mini toothbrush and pack of gum.


The air on the plane is always dry. I always pack a face, hand and eye cream. Do two in one with African Shea butter as a facial moisturizer and eye cream. I also use Dr. Lancer intensive night treatment, which helps with dry skin. Also, make sure that all the items are TSA approval. (3.4 OZ) Travel size kits are available on Amazon or in any drug store.

For my lips, even off the plane, I try to continually put on lip balm. My all time favorite lip balm is from Avalon Organics. I love that it is all natural and smells like fresh citrus with two powerful forms of vitamin C.

Do you have any travel and beauty tips? Please comment below!





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