Duality in Motion: Riding the Harim Bingham Train

Machu Picchu is a really special place. It was rediscovered by Harim Bingham with the help of local farmers. The Quechua citadel was revealed in 1911.

The best way to travel to and from Machu Picchu is by train. Keep in mind we planned ahead, and I’d recommend that you do the same. This area is pretty secluded, a secret gem of the Andes and about 50 miles from Cuzco.

Enjoy the scenery. Fabulous culinary experiences await you. It’s like stepping into the 1920s era of high dining and accommodations. The tables are intimate, the atmosphere is charming. Warm tones and the plush upholstery make these Pullman style carriages elegant and luxurious.


 The Belmond Hiram Bingham train has four carriages, two dining carriages, an observation carriage with bar and a kitchen car where the onboard chef creates a four course meal. This train is capable of carrying as many as 84 passengers.

During our journey, we enjoyed live Peruvian music and pisco sours.

After a long day hiking it felt nice to relax and unwind aboard this comfy and luxurious train. As the sun started to set, I looked out the glass window and noticed the stunning Andes mountains. I could see my reflection in the window and started reflecting on my life and how my true passion in life is to travel and make memories all over the world.

My recommendations:

 You need to book this in advance since there is limited space. Learn more about the Harim Bingham train HERE.

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