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Looking back on all the memorable Instagram travel moments with my new blog series. I’m hoping to inspire you to plan your next trip emojis and all!  Let me know below or post a link with your top Instagram travel moments. Follow my Instagram travel adventures including Instagram stories ? KEIRALEXA and Snapchat ? KeirAlexa


Traveling the world is very fulfilling, but it can be hectic when it’s a last-minute trip and you have to pack fast. My #1 tip is to always make a short “Must-Have Items” list before packing. Here are my top 10 products to throw in your carry-on for a smooth trip. Let me know in the comments below what are your must-have products to throw in your carry-on. TRAVEL TIPS

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Skydiving: Taking a Leap of Faith

Skydiving has always been on my bucket list. However, I have always battled with the thought of jumping out of a plane and possibly plunging to my death. This past weekend my good friends Jay, Robert and Melissa celebrated their birthday in a beautiful home in Santa Ynez with 30 friends. One of the main activities was skydiving. We drove up on Thursday night and I already decided I was

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Sabers, Vodka & Nitrogen, A Winning Combination at Bearfoot Bistro

Bearfoot Bistro was the most fun I’ve ever had in a restaurant hands down! I planned a special surprise dinner for my boyfriend in Whistler, Canada. I can’t even pick out just one thing that made the evening. The vodka tasting room, champagne bottles sabered by yours truly, the nitrogen ice cream made right there at the table, the whole evening was full of amazing experiences. We started out the

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Burning Man

“If you’ve never been there, no words can adequately describe it. If you have been there, no words are needed.” BURNING MAN — BLACK ROCK CITY, NEVADA We descended into Black Rock City and I watched my vodka cranberry shake with mild turbulence. It was my fifth time making the trip to Burning Man, but the excitement hadn’t faded. Maybe the lure of Burning Man comes from that anticipation of

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Gone with the Wind in Aspen

  Anxiety, fear, and wild excitement battled each other as my thoughts raced— a rollercoaster of emotions to match the uneven terrain. We were driving up Aspen Mountain. We meaning the 18 people that had been loaded into a single pickup truck, all of us experiencing each rapid bump and turn together as we cruised to the top. I was about to run off the side of a mountain and

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Studio 54 Birthday & Pre-launch for Keir Alexa

This year I decided to host a private event at The Nice Guy for my birthday and pre-launch celebration for my blog. The Nice Guy is one of LA’s hottest lounges that serves delicious food and cocktails that are sure to get you loose. Since the interior design of the lounge feels 70’s, I decided to go with Studio 54 theme. I invited 100 of my friends to dress up,

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