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Checking In: The Selman Marrakech Hotel

Just ten minutes outside of the medina’s walls, the Selman is the perfect spot for some calming privacy amongst the Marrakech chaos. With private riads (traditional Moroccan homes), an 80 meter long pool, sexy dining options and sixteen gorgeous Arabian thoroughbreds roaming the premises, the Selman Marrakech Hotel adds up to one magical getaway. ALL ABOUT THE SELMAN The Selman opened its doors in 2012 (a baby in comparison to

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Spicing It up in the Souks

All the way at the top of North Africa, near the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Marrakech marketplace explodes with organized chaos. That was the description a friend and I decided on — organized chaos. For years I’ve had Marrakech on the top of my travel list. I would scan through internet searches, absorbed by the rainbow of colors, the eccentric detail in architecture, tiles swirling in

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Checking In: La Mamounia Marrakech

I read somewhere that Winston Churchill called La Mamounia Hotel, “the most lovely spot in the whole world.” Churchill and I had a very similar experience, especially considering I had the privilege of staying in the same suite he spent many months in, decades ago. The 5-star hotel’s plush decor combined with the hand-carved architecture, insanely tasty restaurants, green gardens spanning 24 acres and a gorgeous spa to top it

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