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Looking back on all the memorable Instagram travel moments with my new blog series. I’m hoping to inspire you to plan your next trip emojis and all!  Let me know below or post a link with your top Instagram travel moments. Follow my Instagram travel adventures including Instagram stories ? KEIRALEXA and Snapchat ? KeirAlexa

Blood Sacrifice in Sumba

This blog post might not be for everyone. It discusses real animal sacrifices that are still happening in another part of the world. But for those who want to learn about the ancient traditions of Sumba, an island located in Eastern Indonesia, this post is for you. Sumba Island is the only island of Indonesia where a majority of the population still practices the same traditional beliefs and rituals as

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Photo of the Week: A Sunset in Bali

Rock Bar in Bali at the Ayana Resort & Spa is one of the best places to watch Bali’s beautiful sunsets while enjoying delicious cocktails and snacks. The bar is nestled by a cliffside with the ocean waves crashing underneath! 

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