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Barbados on My Own Time

  British tradition and Caribbean flair make Barbados a unique destination. I’ve only been there one time and it was just stunning. It is one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean. There is so much to do there. Whether roaming the enchanted Huntes Garden, exploring underground caves or relaxing on soft sand beaches with sparkling turquoise waters, Barbados has so much to offer. A while back I stayed at

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Enchanted Hunte’s Garden

Hidden in the hills of Barbados is the enchanted Hunte’s Garden. Lush, full of color and the sounds of wildlife, I couldn’t wait to go inside. As soon as we arrived, I noticed a sign out front that said “The most enchanting place on earth!” I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I entered the garden I knew that I entered a tropical paradise, full of

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