Belvedere Ice Room

One of the highlights of my trip to Whistler, Canada was the Belvedere Ice Room.

Hidden, in a separate room of the Bearfoot Bistro restaurant, is a cave-like ice room. It is known to be the world’s coldest vodka tasting room in the world.

Before entering, a vodka expert took us to a hall where we donned a parka worthy of an Arctic explorer. As soon as I put my Canada Goose jacket on, I felt comfy and cozy. It was much needed before entering a room with temperatures at -32C (-25F). After we were all zipped up and were ready to go, our host led us to a blue, glowing glass door that opened into the tasting room.

belvedere ice room canada travel

belvedere ice room canada travel

All along the luminous ice walls is a collection of over 50 world-class vodkas from which to choose. In the center of the room sits a table made of ice. Shot glasses line up on the top, waiting to be filled with the luscious liquors.

belvedere ice room canada travel

belvedere ice room canada travel

The vodka’s we tasted 

The whole experience takes about 20 minutes and includes four shots. The ice was remarkable and my fingers were freezing. But, my insides were warm and toasty after that delicious vodka! 

If you are in Whistler, DON’T miss this experience!

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